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Pamela Riley

Diversity & Inclusion

Diversity: the attributes and essences that make people different. Inclusion: the practices and social norms that assure everyone feels welcome.

“Bias and unsupported perception of individuals, groups, or anything as opposed to another in a mainly discriminatory manner are widely considered Unconscious Bias. Understanding is the first step to change.”


Unconscious Bias Training For The Drinks Industry

Basic Presentation

This presentation and training session is designed for all drink industry personnel.


Aside from it being just the right thing to do, there are many benefits for cultivating workplace inclusion and diversity, specifically in the drinks industry.

Leadership Session

This workshop is designed for all drink industry leadership personnel.

Are you ready to take the next step?

Improve business by creating a workplace where diversity and inclusion practices empower everyone to achieve their full potential.

“From awareness to implementation to action”

My diversity programs are designed to assist people in understanding and appreciating diversity. But even more critical is cognitive and behavioral change: to become more aware, more respectful, and more inclusive.


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